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Universal Optic Service has responded to COVID-19 by doing whatever we can to keep your business open. Our services are up and running. We’re keeping our employees safe and ready to help. And we have resources to help you adapt and stay up and running.

Universal Optic Service (UOS) is your family-owned full-service solution for new and refurbished microscopes, service, repair and upgrades. We have been based in Phoenix, Arizona since 1985. Our services are all performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and are guaranteed to your satisfaction.
We service and repair microscopes for all surgical, industrial, manufacturing, medical, and educational applications. We are currently dealers for Labomed, Meiji and Motic, and can also provide you with a variety of options for refurbished microscopes.

If you’ve ever had to fly in the expert to fix your equipment, you understand the travel costs that you bear in addition to the labor and parts necessary for needed repairs. We provide service in Arizona without exorbitant travel costs, allowing you to put more money into the equipment itself, not travel and lodging expenses. 
Our expertise includes:
      • keeping your microscopes in top shape, ensuring that your processes work as they should
      • cleaning and repairing your microscopes when they don’t function properly, extending the life of your company assets
      • upgrading your microscopes to allow more functionality like adding more working distance, improving lighting or adding a digital camera, all at a cost-savings compared to purchasing new equipment
      • relocating your equipment, ensuring it arrives safely in your new offices and is properly functioning when you need it
      • training your staff on a range of topics from changing light bulbs and properly focusing their microscopes to using cameras, new objectives, and filters
Work with us at your convenience online, by phone or in-person. We’ll work alongside you to determine the best solution given your needs and budget. Contact us today and enjoy the Universal Optic Service difference.

(602) 920-8753 or scopepro@universalopticservice.com.

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