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Every Lumenera INFINITY camera includes INFINITY ANALYZE software for advanced camera control, image processing, measuring and annotation, as well as INFINITY CAPTURE, an intuitive user interface which includes all of the basic features needed to control your INFINITY camera and capture images.

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Listed below are a few of the Lumenera Digital Cameras we carry.  If you would like more information please Contact Us.

Infinity 1-1M

Lumenera’s INFINITY1-1M is designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for clinical, life science, material sciences and educational professionals.

With 1280×1024 resolution, the INFINITY1-1M delivers outstanding image quality for a wide variety of scientific applications. The low noise characteristic of the INFINITY1-1M progressive scan 1.3 megapixel image sensor results in crisp quality for the most demanding microscopy applications including life science and material science.
Infinity 1-1M Info

Infinity 1-5

Lumenera’s INFINITY1-5 digital camera is designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for documentation in life science, clinical, material science and industrial applications.

The INFINITY1-5 camera produces a full 2592 x 1944 video preview with speeds of 7 frames per second (fps) in both color and monochrome formats. This full 5.0 megapixel sensor allows users to view fine detail in samples and provide a high resolution preview to large monitors and overhead projectors.
Infinity 1-5 Info

Infinity 2-1R

Industry’s Best Price-to-Performance Uncooled ICX205 Camera!   Infinity’s 2-1R scientific camera offers a significant performance increase for quantitative and low-light applications over its predecessor.

Improved thermal management techniques combined with a much higher dynamic range and 14-bit output have resulted in a versatile entry-level research camera for documentation and image analysis in Life Science, Clinical and Material Science applications.
Infinity 2-1R Info

Infinity 2-3

Lumenera’s INFINITY2-3 digital CCD camera is ideally suited for brightfield, darkfield, and DIC imaging applications where higher resolution archiving and a wide dynamic range are routinely required.

With 2080 x 1536 resolution and on-board processing, the INFINITY2-3 delivers outstanding image quality for a wide variety of scientific applications.
Infinity 2-3 Info

Infinity 3-3URF

Lumenera’s INFINITY3-3URF is a high-speed, high sensitivity, versatile camera. The INFINITY3-3URF unleashes the high frame rate capability of the Sony ICX674 by using a high-speed, plug-and-play USB 3.0 data interface at 5 Gbits/s to send streaming video and still image capture to a computing platform.

This camera takes advantage of Lumenera’s unique memory buffer technology, reliably delivering images while running the camera at the sensor’s maximum output.
Infinity 3-3URF Info

Infinity X-32

The INFINITYX-32 pixel shifting camera offers incredible flexibility in capturing images at 2, 8, 18 and 32 megapixel resolution.

Using patented pixel shifting technology, each CCD pixel captures full chromatic information resulting in increased color resolution with no degradation. The INFINITYX-32 is the first pixel shifting camera to utilize the highly sensitive SONY ICX274 sensor. Available at a fraction of the cost of competitive cameras, this complete imaging solution is an affordable, extraordinary tool for professionals in clinical, life and material sciences where megapixel resolution, color accuracy and light sensivity are essential.
Infinity X-32 Info