Industrial Arm Boom Stand

It is universally adaptable to all Motic stereo microscopes as well as third party microscopes without the mess of adapters. Bestowed with an industrial knuckle holder for all standard arms with the Æ15.8mm [5/8″] mount, the stand easily accepts any microscope without hassle or down time to get the task done.

Articulating Arm Boom Stand

An ideal option for the establishment of a spot and/or quick inspection station. The articulating arm movement combined with a fast release locking mechanism permits multiple observation points for a sample or the use of one stand for samples of various sizes. Complementing the articulating movement is the ability to swivel, which is convenient for removing samples from the work area. Also available with table clamp.



Ball Bearing Boom Stand

The ball bearing mechanisms incorporated into the boom stand provide a smooth transition between multiple areas of interest or samples to investigate. Instead of worrying about the perpendicularity of the extension arm as compared to the sample, the two-pole extension arm system allows you to concentrate on your observation.