Service Request

Preventive maintenance and repair service of optical equipment will include the following procedures:

1. Clean and align all optics
Parfocalize each system
All lenses in each eyepiece
Objective lenses
Collector and projection lenses
Mirrors within each system
All body and head prisms.

2. Clean all gear mechanisms, and replace lubricants

3. Verify proper operation of all moving parts
Mechanical stages.   X-Y drive, rotational, etc.
Coarse and fine focusing assemblies
Condenser substage assembly
Turret, including position lock
Field and aperture diaphragms
Casters and positioning assemblies

4. Clean, align, and parfocalize the optical path for camera and monitoring systems.

5. Alignment and collimation of illumination systems
Episcopic (reflective)
Diascopic (transparent)

6. Calibrate and verify magnification when necessary

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