Labomed Compound Microscopes

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With a modular line of microscopes from the elementary level to fully extendable systems for Laboratory and Surgical suites, Labomed’s ability to consistently offer more for less has made them a well-recognized brand worldwide for over 60 years. Their goal is to be a global market leader in life science and medical microscopy products with the highest price-to-performance ratio.

Lx 500

Helping Make Your Next Great Discovery Possible

LaboMed Lx 500 Clinical Research Microscope

The Lx 500 clinical microscope is the outcome of world-class technologies and design innovations. Highly modular and accessory friendly, the Lx 500 is a versatile and fully extendable clinical microscope that boasts graceful symmetry and performance thanks to its ergonomic and optical features. 

Lx 500 Advantages:

LaboMed Lx 500 Clinical Research Microscope RP2 series infinity corrected Super Plan optics

RPS series Infinity Corrected Super Plan optics provide a virtually flat field of view at all magnifications, with pristine contrast and color fidelity.  Proprietary MaxLite coatings further enhance optical performance.  

With an optional ergonomic articulating head, viewing angle will conform to the user to provide a more comfortable seated posture.  

Rackless stage ensures safety and maximizes workspace. A ceramic surface promises scratch resistance during use. 

True Kohler illumination and a standard flip-top condenser guarantee superb contrast from 2.5x to 100x magnification. Lighting options include 30W Halogen (approx. 500 hours) and rechargeable LED (approx. 100,000 hours).