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Light sources from 89 North for your scientific imaging needs. User-friendly, modular and affordable systems for applications ranging from widefield and confocal fluorescence to brightfield and transmitted light imaging.

PhotoFluor LM-75

Low-cost, high-power, ultra-stable metal-halide light source

  • Mounts directly to microscope with small footprint
  • Eliminates need for a liquid light guide
  • UV output and no flickering
    • Well suited for:
      • Fluorescence microscopy
      • FISH Imaging
      • Routine fluorescence imaging
      • Tissue culture imaging
      • Wafer inspections via reflected light port
    • Lamp lifetime: 1500 hours guaranteed/2000 hours typical
    • Warm up and cool down time: 3 minutes

    LM-75 Datasheet

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